July 3rd-July 7th 2024.

Mobile Axe Throwing

Learning to throw an Axe is very simple, but mastering aim, power, and trajectory can take some time. Some get it right away and others take a few tries. Your Axe Master is there to help you stick that axe to the target and help you to develop your axe throwing skills. We also have various weights and sizes of axes to make sure everyone has an axe that they feel comfortable with.

Please dress accordingly to the daily weather. Wear comfortable CLOSED TOE SHOES please bring loose comfortable shirts and coats. Mobile Axe Throwing is an outside experience. You will also be required to complete our waiver before participating.Mobile Axe Throwing is accessible for people of all physical and mental abilities.

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Sponsored by

Northern Lights Over Grundy County
Grill Master's Trackside Grill


June 30 –July 3rd

5 Axes for $5
10 Axes for $8

Age 10 & Up

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