Celebrating 116 Years of "An American Family Tradition" in 2020

Grundy County Fair - Morris, IL








See you at the Grundy County Fair July 1st to July 5th!

All times are Central Daylight Time

*** Attention all Fair Exhibitors ***

Please read all of the General Rules and Regulations

Exhibitor Calendar Times Subject to Change.  Grundy County Fair Announcements Supersede any Published Material.

All Class premium check pay-outs will be made at the Secretary’s Office

Grundy County Fair

Friday, June 21st

8:00am – 5pm: ENTRIES OPEN at Fairgrounds Office for ALL CLASSES. Office will accept livestock
entries every day through June 29 at 5pm, except Sundays

Thursday, June 27th

12:00am (Midnight): Postmark deadline on all mail-in entries. Fair assumes no liability for mail-in entries

Saturday, June 29th

5:00pm:  All livestock entries close

Tuesday, July 2nd

8:00am to 5:00pm: Entries may be made in classes J, K, L, M-1, M-2, O, P, and V-1

8:00am to 5:00pm: Exhibits received in classes J, K, L, M-1, M-1, O, P, and V-1

10:00pm: Exhibits in Class G Swine Breeding Stock must be in place

6:00pm to 11:00pm: Weigh-in of all Purebred Barrows and Crossbred Gilts

12:00am (Midnight): Exhibits in livestock classes B Dairy, F Sheep, U Goats, H Junior Livestock (Except Beef), and I Bantams (Chickens) must be in place

Wednesday, July 3rd

7:00am to 8:00am: Exhibits in Class L & O only will be received

8:00am: Judging Class J Agricultural Products, Class K Horticulture, Class L Floriculture, Class M-1 Domestic Arts (Needlework), Class M-2 Fine Arts, Class O Culinary, Class P Junior Other Than Livestock, & Class V-1 Hobby

8:00am: Class C Draft Horses & Draft Ponies must by in place

8:30am: Judging Halter Classes, Class C Draft Horses & Draft Ponies – (Arena)

9:00am: Weigh-in of all Market Lambs

12:15pm: Judging Hitch Classes, Class C Draft Horses & Draft Ponies

7:00pm: Class C Draft Horses & Draft Ponies RELEASED

Thursday, July 4th

8:00am: Judging Class G Swine (Breeding Stock) – (Hog Barn Show Ring)

9:00am: Judging Class B Dairy Cattle – (Sheep Barn Show Ring)

2:00pm: Judging Class I Bantams (Chickens) – (Poultry Building)

6:00pm: Class G Swine (Breeding Stock) RELEASED

* Class G (Market Hogs) come in after 9:00 p.m. Thursday, July 4. Must Be In Place by 7:00 a.m. Friday, July 5.

6:00pm: Class B Dairy Cattle RELEASED – (All Dairy Cattle must be removed)

10:00pm: Class A Beef Allowed in Cattle Barn – (No Beef Cattle before 10:00pm)

Friday, July 5th

6:00am: Class R-2 Horses Allowed to Enter Ground – (No Horses before 6:00am)

7:00am: Swine Class G Market Hogs must be in place

7:30am: Weigh-In of all Market Barrows and Market Gilts

8:00am: Class R-2 Horses must be in place

8:00am: Judging Class F Sheep – (Sheep Barn Show Ring)

Market Lamb Judging Immediately Following Breeding Stock

8:00am: Class A Beef Cattle must be in place

8:45am: Grand Entry followed by Judging Class R-2 Halter & Performance Horse Classes – (Arena)

9:00am: Weigh-In of all steers

9:00am: Judging Class U Dairy Goat – – – North End of Poultry Building

8:00pm: Class R-2 Horses must be removed from Grounds by 8:00pm

Saturday, July 6th

8:00am: Judging Class G Swine (Market Hogs) – (Hog Barn Show Ring)

8:30am: Class I Pigeons must be in place

8:45am: Grand Entry followed by Judging Class R-2 Speed & Game Horse Classes – (Arena)

9:00am: Judging Class A Beef Cattle (Steers Last) – (Sheep Barn Show Ring)

10:00am: Judging Class I Pigeons – (North End of Poultry Building)

6:00pm: Pigeons RELEASED

8:00pm: Class R-2 Horses must be removed from Grounds by 8:00pm

Sunday, July 7th

6:00am: Class R1 Ponies allowed to enter Grounds – (No Ponies before 6:00am)

8:00am: Class R1 Ponies must be in place

9:00am: All Rabbits must be in place

9:00am: Judging Class R1 Pony Show – (Arena)

9:00am: Class R3 Theraputic Riding Competition for People with Disabilities – (Arena)

Immediately Following – R4 Battle of the Barns Fun Show

9:00am: Juding Class I Rabbits – (Sheep Barn Show Ring)

5:00pm: All items in Art Hall RELEASED: Classes J, K, L, M-1, M-2, O, P, and V-1

6:00pm: All Livestock exhibits RELEASED

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